• UC-Connect ® combines SD-WAN and Unified Communications into a globally scalable platform.

  • Is your network cloud ready?

  • Discover how to radically improve
    your application performance with SD-WAN

What is UC-Connect®?

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Video: watch our NTT expert explore
the benefits of SD-WAN and UC in the cloud’.

Enterprises today are leveraging cloud-based applications to transform the way their employees collaborate. Traditional WANs are static and unequipped to meet the growing bandwidth demands of real-time voice and video services.

NTT can help you unlock the potential of your cloud strategy with cloud-ready Unified Communications and global SD-WAN.

UC-Connect® makes collaboration simple by bringing your employees, applications and devices together on a globally scalable platform with SD-WAN at the edge of the cloud. To learn how to accelerate your workplace application strategy, contact us by registering your interest.

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Why is UC-Connect® the right choice
for your business?

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Video: Transforming the Workplace with SD-WAN and Cloud ready Unified Communications

  • Accelerate the performance of your cloud-based applications with managed SD-WAN
  • Bring your employees, applications and devices together on a global UC platform
  • Integrate enterprise voice, video conferencing, contact centre capabilities and global calling plans into your UCaaS solution

  • Enhance your productivity with voice-enabled Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex or Broadcloud
  • Drive employee adoption with dedicated change management
  • Strengthen your network security with better encryption and monitoring

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Register your interest and speak with an advisor today

Register your interest and speak with an advisor today

NTT: A global Service Provider

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Top 100 Fortune Global 500 companies using NTT Group services

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Enabled users
on UCaaS and Hosted telephony

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employees worldwide

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in total revenues

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in Fortune Global 500

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Network coverage in


countries & regions

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annuallly in R&D

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Global presence in

countries & regions

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Globally Available

Globally Available – streamline your communications with a single provider plan and enterprise grade SD-WAN delivered on a global scale.

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Instantly Scalable

We provide a bespoke platform. Select from multiple workplace solutions that scale as needed, securely and efficiently to fulfil your business ambitions.

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Get full visibility and control of your costs by paying only for the services you use.

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Unified Communications (UC) Connect®
Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is only applicable to new customers and existing customers who are not using NTT SD-WAN or Arkadin UC Services
  2. The minimum contract term to qualify for the promotion is 36 months
  3. To benefit from this promotion, NTT must receive your registration on or before 28 June 2019 and a contract must be signed within six months from the date of your registration
  4. The UC-Connect offer has two main components provided by NTT ; one SD-WAN incentive and one unified communications incentive
  5. SD-WAN solution incentive: A contract for 15 or more sites to be connected to the NTT Network qualifies for a setup discount equivalent to up to 1 month rental. All discounts are subject to review outside of this range
  6. Unified communications solution incentive: A contract for 500 to 40,000 end users qualifies for service setup without ‘up front’ capex charges. All capex costs are inclusive of a per user per month cost for the service over the course of the contract. All discounts are subject to review outside of this range
  7. Other combinations [of sites/users] will be considered on a case by case basis upon application.
  8. The ‘Up front’ costs included in the Unified communications service consist of: the Professional Services and associated charges provided in the initial proposal which is based on an estimate provided by NTT when compared to other projects of the same size, the Setup Architecture and Voice costs that are provided in the initial proposal based on the information that was at hand at the time of estimate, and the setup costs for any of the architecture and recommended services based on the initial proposal and estimate
  9. Optional services are excluded from the incentive.
  10. The Unified communications offer includes either Private Hosted Skype for Business provided by NTT (>1500 users) or Managed Services for Microsoft Teams and accompanying Calling Plans and professional services provided by NTT Communications.
  11. All contracts are subject to credit checks
  12. NTT reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time
  13. Promotion is subject to Contract